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Womanizer vs player

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Womanizer vs player

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WhatsApp The following is an actual conversation between I and a friend who is a 28 year old girl. When we met, she seemed quite upset and restless, and wanted to discuss a personal topic. Our conversation at this coffee shop, compelled me to pen this article about a two unique male personalities when it comes to courtship: Womanizers and players. Courtship is a completely different definition for these men. Just relax and start slow. Me:Ok, but first, tell me how you would define a player.

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But you still had confusion in your head on whether this guy likes you or not right? I know one man who isn't a player or a womaniser: my ex-boyfriend. Womanizers are calculated; gentlemen go with the flow.

Womanizer vs. player: do you really know the difference?

A man who is stringing along another five unsuspecting women all at once and you're just a poor pawn in his playboy game! To you, it means you must watch out. Games pkayer easy to play. Therefore, have the knowledge that it may not workout with this player personality. I remained casual. Advertisement He says all the right things tells you he's taking you to Cabo for your honeymoon, invites you away for the weekend and tells you he's picked out your kids' names already - true story.

Did he disclose it all by himself? He also said that some of his friends might him later. It was the last thing I expected, and the classiness with which he did it, by taking some extra time off work, just to spend time with me, floored me completely! Was the association happy or sad?

There's no denying some men have charm and others have game. What truly matters in the end, is knowledge — and that is power. Got introduced to him through a common friend.

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At regular intervals, they probe with appropriate questions, which would eventually make her want to talk more. They keep you guessing and many times women confuse their anxiety for love.

If you like someone, go for it. They only see a woman the same way she sees herself.

And you were going to tell me that as you continued right? These types of players love the feeling of romance. He is meticulous and works with motive. Womanizers forget the details; gentlemen appreciate the fine lines. And you know what? Womanizers need constant attention; gentlemen only want to give you theirs Players get women because they need to feel validated.

You had confirmed yourself that he was busy. When Womanized made a rationale about why things broke up, he would give me an alternative analysis, and share a whole new perspective. It is the conquest he is after. And most importantly, was the stint something to forget or cherished? I wanna take this to the next level.

Womanisers v players: are all the nice guys taken?

He knew you would give your. Like his past womamizer If his plan deviates, he doesn't know how to act. His ex-girlfriend was there too that day! There is nothing you can do.

So is he a player, or as you said before, a womanixer As I told him, he started digging deeper. They can immediately sense women who are unstable in mind or have a high temperament. Plxyer those around you simply revel in the fact that you're about to be burned, chewed up, spat out and left to start the whole sordid process all over again?

After an encounter with a womanizer, a woman is most often left depressed.

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Start with how you met him and how you arrived in this state of confusion. They are mostly listeners in a conversation. While people close to them are aware of their escapades with women, these men never publicize the details of their flings.

Men who are emotionally unavailabledue to patterns of dysfunctional love. You know what, I am just gonna go with the flow.

Womanizers see women as a prize to win; gentlemen see them as a gift. In other words, when women look back at it, was the encounter regretted or nostalgic? They might, but that might also mean that as they get tamed, they also lose their best artistic talent. I promise that you will leave with some knowledge tonight.

The 25 real distinctions between a womanizer and a gentleman

But the opposite is also true. Sexual pleasure is his only priority. There is nothing shady about them. The tables eventually turn in the later stages with the girl craving for his attention.