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Wife strip poker story

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Wife strip poker story

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Big titsblowjobscheatingexhibitionismfirst timesgirls kissinggroupsexpussy lickingslut wifeswingers My wife and I ed a couple for a night of drinking and cards. She has large tits stoyr nipples that can stick out about a quarter inch. We went to visit Carl and Kathy, who are very close. Kathy is only 23 and is short and slight.

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It didn't stop there.

The rest of the group were somehow permitted to stick around and watch. She looked down and smiled.

Strip poker stories

Getting W to go along with my scheme would be no problem! He stood up and took off his underwear, proudly wice his long, thick cock. She kept working me up with a faster and faster hand job and I returned the favor by inserting my whole hand up her cunt. After about 10 minutes of this action, the phone rang.

I enjoyed sitting at the table because my hard-on would have been impossible to hide otherwise.

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I never tasted anything so clean and fresh. Liv,m y wife sat there and kinda embarrassed but willing to tease us i guess. She sat there a minute and said 'what the hell" and unsnapped her bra and took it off, exposing her bare tits to us. His cock was rock hard now, and the sight of another man playing with my wife got me hard too! She worked her way down my body and started to lick my shaft. As fate would have it though, Susan who was equally attractive in my opinion but far more promiscuous than my wife and Kyle both said they would play too.

W leaned over and gave her a passionate kiss, and then he dropped to his knees between pomer legs and licked and sucked on her wet, swollen pussy, making her moan with pleasure at his first touch.

I had joked with my wife for a while about watching her wanting with two guys at once. Storry two then got into a 69, and Carl was busy jerking himself and watching.

To my unbelief, she just swallowed his cum, and kept sucking his dick, cleaning him up with her mouth. W was also an old fuck buddy of hers when we were separated. Kathy started to caress her own pussy as she sighed and stared.

Now Sandy was moaning and sliding back and forth on my cock. Their hands were all over each other.

When she engulfed my entire prick, I pulled her over and got into a fast and heavy 69 position. Sagging with wif, but now he could see them in person. Big titsblowjobscheatingexhibitionismfirst timesgirls kissinggroupsexpussy lickingslut wifeswingers My wife and I ed a couple for a night of drinking and cards. Subscribe But back then, it was really fun to enjoy when the mood struck her.

This is one of the wofe that she shared. The game went on, and W lost next. She had just gotten fucked by another man, my best friend. I finally broke loose and found Carl awake and just staring dumbfounded. W started ramming his dick into her pussy, grabbing her by the waist for leverage and fucking her with fast, hard thrusts. Now I wifr fucking Liv doggie style while she is sucking W's cock. Sandy slid down and took my now hard rod into her mouth.

Wife plays strip poker (part 1)

We went to visit Carl and Kathy, who are very close. Her huge tits were almost slapping her face. W moved around behind her and began playing with her pussy and ass since she was still on all fours again. We decided to see why Sandy and Carl were wif quiet.

So I slowly moved down between her legs to taste that sweet, wet pussy. All the girls could do was groan and mumble. With Kathy on my face and Sandy on my prick, this boy entered heaven on Earth. My wife ended up drinking more to burn off her frustration about her losses. Sandy had to take off her bra. So now Liv is sucking my cock while W is eating her pussy. Kathy is only 23 and is short and slight.

Well shortly after he began rubbing her tit, I looked over again and he was going right to her hard nipple, twisting, flicking and rolling it between his fingers. SO I got up and went to pretend to answer the phone, but instead I stood around the corner to watch. She saw us, shrugged, and continued her slurping and pumping. What can I say?

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The rule was, whoever lost a hand, that team had to do a shot of Tequila. She hemmed and hawed and finally released her fantastic globes. We kept telling her how much we loved wtory view, and that it would be a shame to get dressed just yet. After a while, wkfe switched and Liv again took my pussy juice covered dick into her mouth and started giving me the best head ever.

The girls started to object the continuation of shots, so we suggested that a piece of clothing could be discarded as substitute. I looked at W and nodded yes, and he slowly and carefully touched her left breast. She continued to fuck my failing member since she was totally into Kathy. She started to tickle my balls while my tongue explored her mouth.