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Wife fucked at super bowl party

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Vicky and I finally made it to

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Two others were on each side and she was stroking their cocks with her hands. Obviously a close friend. Tears started to rolled down her cheeks.

Maybe Tom was drunk or just fantasizing. When they saw Vicky there was a loud cheer.

It always turned me on knowing she had just fucked some other guy. I fucked her hard, banging my groin against her so hard her ass bounced on the floor.

Vicky had already had numerous margaritas and was pretty smashed, just like all the guys. I told Cindy that I really should get her home and that I hoped she would come with me. My hands were wrapped around her and I was squeezing her tits and rubbing her nipples. She could expose herself in public, fuck other men, or even supsr gangbanged by two dozen guys at a drunken party.

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He gave her a slice of lime to hold in her teeth, then licked the salt off her chest, sucked the tequila from her navel, and grabbed aat lime from her mouth with his. Eventually, as everyone, including Vicky, consumed more and more tequila, things were bound to get out of control. One blond, one brunette.

Everyone else he invited are guys. Vicky was laying on the table, her arms down the side of the table to the floor and her howl spread open as her body rocked with orgasm after orgasm while every guy there sucked, licked, and played with her.

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I put my mouth on her pierced nipples and sucked hard, ffucked with my head so her tits stretched out from her chest. And when we were both on the same about our life, like now, sex with her was nothing less than awesome. Since she had left so early, it was almost an hour before Vicky walked in the door. Soon I had my whole hand in her ass.

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Come sit down. By halftime, the consensus was that the game was over, the Steelers had won, and it was time to get seriously drunk — after watching the Boss, of course.

Soon I had a beer and chuckled to myself. Another cheer went up.

I knew the colon was only about 4 or 5 feet long. I pulled them off her, exposing her shaved, wet pussy. Her biggest problem now would be making up her mind ufcked to which one she wanted to fuck.

Cindy told me that last night Tom told her he was in love with you and wanted her to leave so you could move in. While they were playing pool, Cindy and I would sit at a table in the main room at D.

We both made a quick stop in the bathroom and walked back to the living room. You had me scared with that serious look on your face. We knocked and Cindy opened the door. The third burst was smaller and then I was drained, with just the remnants of my fluid running out of the tip and down the side of my cock.

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I stopped for a moment and pulled a bottle of K-Y lubricant from the nightstand. They kept fucking her, in the ass, in the mouth, and in the cunt.

Oh, God. I pressed my cock against her.

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Cindy laid her head on my other shoulder. When she went out, Vicky usually wore either a short skirt or really short, tight shorts, even in the winter. Several guys were still passed out on the floor, but some must have come to and left.

Tom was planning a big Super Bowl party. The back showed a good bit of ass crack before covering most wifee the rest of her ass, leaving just a little of the bottoms of her ass cheeks showing when she stood. Nervous, Amateur, Mature, Fuckdd 3 videos Popularity: sexyman Wife forced anal sex Mind blowing porn collection to present only high rated amateur videos. Cars and pickup trucks were parked up and down the street on both sides of the road.