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Vietnamese bikini coffee shop

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Vietnamese bikini coffee shop

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In a recently filed shpp, the city calls GZ Cafe a "public nuisance" and calls for its closure if the owners don't comply with the city's regulations. Vietnamese coffee shops are popular locations in the Little Saigon Area. Waitresses wearing bikinis serve coffee, smoothies and tea. Stanton's lawsuit alleges violations of the city's "coffee house ordinance. Employees at a neighboring business defended the coffee shop.

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You have to stir the coffe to mix the condensed milk at the bottom. Waitresses wearing bikinis serve vietnamesr, smoothies and tea. Now you can make your way out.

To be fair … … some of Little Saigon's coffee shops have seen problems, including homicide and illicit gambling. The Garden Grove City Council passed the stricter rules for bikini coffee shops last night in a vote.

As you regain your senses, you will realize that she asked you what you want to drink. In Vietnam coffee shops can be found on practically every street, but the whole bikini idea is actually a product of Vietnamese Americans, as you will not find bikini cafes in Vietnam. From toGarden Grove issued seven citations for nudity and numerous ones for smoking to GZ Cafe, said police Lt. When your order finally comes out, if you ordered the iced coffee you vietjamese see that it comes out in a small little glass half full with ice.

The complaint said the city sent a cease-and-desist letter to the business at the end of January. Let's push back, bikini girls: Take a stand: No justice, no cream. He did not provide details on the citations.

City trying to close bikini coffee shop accused of serving nudity

Take a drink of tea to help wash the coffee down. The Orange County Register.

There are usually about four girls or more working. Some shop owners contend the police overstated the problems. We bikkni to be prepared. Just leave your tip on the table.

Many customers were smoking as they drank their coffee. Alcohol is not served.

Unless you like one particular girl, a good time to go may be right before 3 pm which is usually the time when the girls change shift. One customer had a pack out on the table. On Jan. A spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff's Department said deputies cited three women at the business in January for nudity. Employees at a neighboring business defended the coffee shop.

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A couple dollars per drink should be fine. Some people bring their laptops to do work or…whatever it is they do with it. The vote is coming in anticipation of one or more bikini coffee bars opening in Stanton. We like our coffee this hot. By this time you should be pretty wired from all the coffee and it may be time to call it a day. What can we say In them, attractive young women in bikinis, lingerie or simply their underwear serve Vietnamese coffee — often with dollar bills, tips, dangling from their underwear.

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Garden Grove police said the business was cited seven times for nudity and numerous other times for smoking. By Chris Haire chaire scng. Inwhen the cafe was still in Garden Grove, waitresses were seen on multiple occasions with their bikini tops pulled to the side; in some instances, their bikini bottoms, which usually had cash sticking out from them, were pulled to the side as well.

Her cafe is just a place for men to drink coffee and enjoy themselves, she said.

Apparently Garden Grove police are fed up with this particular Vietnamese American tradition and want more coverage, less smoking, and fewer gangsters at these non-alcoholic, no-dancing establishments. We'll take a 'tall. The girls in the front windows, they'll have bikinis, but once you get to the back, they'll be fully naked," said a woman who frequents the area, but did not want to be identified.

Bikini coffee house crackdown proposed for garden grove: cops want less skin, more skim

Tip according to service and bill. We feed off each other," said Ricardo Hernandez, the owner of Pure Barbers right next door. Stanton's lawsuit alleges violations of the city's "coffee house ordinance. This is precisely why we love America. City officials, though, declined to explain why the injunction is necessary now, four months after GZ Cafe opened, rather than more frequently citing waitresses and customers, or making arrests.

GZ Cafe is the coffee shop moving to Stanton, Dadabhoy said.

We speak, of course, of Garden Grove's proposal to crack down bietnamese its 37 bikini coffee houses where, at some of the spots, women wear only pasties on top and thong-style bottoms. Most coffee shops are open from around 7am or 8 am in the morning until 10 or 11pm at night.

But the waitresses there will on occasion essentially disrobe while serving coffee — and when sitting and chatting with customers. Several played on gaming machines, also prohibited by Stanton.

Coffee Lover So you love coffee, and you love girls even more. There are a few in Westminster and parts of Santa Ana. This is just plain wrong. But in Garden Grove, on Euclid Street, bikini cafes are lined up. That is the reason why most came in the first place.