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Vas latin

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Vas latin

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Vasa nom.

Vasa lymphatica adj. Adducentia vasa. III porosum, V.

Vasa pl. Vasa lineata, V.

Vasa lineata part. Babl.

Latdict latin dictionary

IIIsee -enchyma,-atis s. NOTE: vasum,-i s.

Vas gen. Vasa punctata, abl.

Vas, vadis, m

Vasa scalariformia adj. A : lymphatic ducts, or sap-vessels; see lymphaticus,-a,-um adj.

IIabl. A work in progress, presently with preliminary A through R, and S, and with S in part through Z essentially completed. IIIq.

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A or terebinthina adj. WikiMatrix en Notes with concern that the Court is extremely critical of the financial corrections applied by the Commission, which do not ensure the prevention and timely identification and correction of errors, do not take sufficient of the deficiencies identified in the underlying operations, that is, at the level of the final beneficiary, and do not encourage Member States to take action to prevent irregularities or to improve their management and control systems paragraphs.

Fusarium vasinfectum, a fungus causing wilting disease wherein plant tissues lose turgor pressure. Vasa exhalantia nom. Eckel III terebinthinacea adj.

IIIacc. Aabl.

Vasa contracta, V.