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Things to do on your anniversary

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Things to do on your anniversary

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And figuring out fun things to do for said anniversary is half the fun. Some are simple, some are more involved, and the prices and effort required vary, but all are worth it—because you guys are relationshipgoals and deserve to be celebrated.

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Return to Your Wedding Venue Some of our greatest and strongest memories of marriage all took place at the wedding venue. Research and cue up a long list of recommended movies in each genre thongs two of you enjoy. Go to a fancy restaurant together and treat each other like royalty. Choose a nearby bed and breakfast to stay for just one night.

You've shared moments that were profound, hilarious, wild, or indulgent. In whatever way you spent that day, you can conjure up old sentimental feelings by reliving similar experiences.

10 romantic, memorable, and affordable wedding or dating anniversary ideas for couples

Find free materials online or order a book about how to do massage. Each month, add a song to a playlist in Spotify that reminds you of a moment you shared together or just speaks to the way you feel about them. Or why not buy her a gorgeous new outfit and arrange for her to meet you for a romantic meal together? You can use the quick-links below to jump to a particular section, or scroll down the qnniversary read all of the ideas for things to do on your anniversary.

Break out of your usual routine and try something new every year to keep your love story interesting. Attend A Sports Game If the major leagues are too far away or out of your budget, local minor league games can be just as fun! So for next year, we have decided thnigs go for a hot air balloon ride.

Book a Night in a Hotel If you want a thibgs romantic anniversary idea, book a stay at a hotel or a bed-and-breakfast. If you are going for a special meal at a restaurant, or even if you are just staying at home, arrange for a special piece of music to be played so that you can dance romantically together.

These 20 anniversary date ideas are so far from lame

Spend all night making a bucket list of things you want to do together before you die. Since then, the restaurant has shut down, and the place where we went stargazing is no longer accessible. This is something you can build on year after year. Get the best of Thought Catalog in your inbox. Perhaps you'd like to try cooking, dancing, or learning a musical instrument?

Plan a movie marathon of your favorite series like all the Harry Potter movies or your favorite Game of Thrones seasons, or just your favorite movies in a genre and spend all weekend being cozy at home vegging out and cuddling.

Buy some special snacks or your favorite take-out to make it feel special. From the earliest couple shots to your wedding day, and right up to the present, you can reminisce together about all your favorite moments. Then, stay home and dance! Do A Brewery Tour Most towns have a local brewery you can visit.

Write them a short story where they are the main character. Just Be Together.

Getaways help you to live large for the weekend. As a popular meeting spot for first dates, it might even spark that new relationship excitement between you. Getty Images 1. Make concrete plans to be able to cross a few things off within the next year. Bring a frisbee to toss or just relax in anniversarg pretty scenery for awhile. Getaway Weekend There is nothing more romantic than tings away from the daily bustle and spending time together on an island hideaway or in a snowy cabin.

Anniversary ideas that will show your partner just how much you love them

Perhaps the biggest obstacle is that we now live miles from where we first met and dated! Thnigs your partner is obsessed with thinys musician, save up and surprise them with good tickets for when they are in town, or plan a trip to see them in another city. Go Fishing Head to the lake, sit back and relax and catch a few fish. Vow to spend the entire 24 hours of the anniversary naked together.

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Theme your gift to the anniversary that you are celebrating. Spend some quality time dp as a couple. Surprise them by watching YouTube videos that teach you how to cook.