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Phila missed connections

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Phila missed connections

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Celebrating Valentine's Day is tricky. There are those cliches we need to avoid — red roses, drugstore chocolates, teddy bears — and there are anti-Valentines parties to ignore. But admittedly, the romanticism of a handmade Valentine's card is not lost on me.

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Browsing the site's 'missed connections' is all one needs to know that love is in the air here

No exceptions. Recent Crime posts phhila be accompanied by some form of proof, usually a link to a legitimate news source. Give it up and go get some Stove Top. I totally believed you when you argued with Jimmy that food stamps are impossible to get without a pay stub. Turning us both to dust. Schizophrenic as hell.

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Content displaying hate speech, racism, bigotry or similar discrimination will be removed and users posting the content will be subject to banning Table of Contents:. No clickbait, no cliffhangers: the Billy Penn morning newsletter. Phhila of nowhere on a cold deserted street. The tattoos on your back snaking their way along your shoulder blades, like some sorts of snakes.

Come git me. Use of [Serious] Tag means no trolling. What do I have to do?

My friends would love you. Do you want to talk with me? God help you, buddy. Follow IProposeToast on Twitter.

And then you have all the moves. Please come home.

You left a huge bag of weed and a bigger bag of meth in my purse. I thought we had a connection.

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Once inside, however, the stench was overpowering. You like candles.

Reintroduce yourself. I may have some herbs for you after I evaluate your irises. It was destructive as fuck and you were adorable.

Missed connections archive (march – july )

We chatted only momentarily before the flight. We went out a few times and kept in touch over the years as friends, mostly.

me up! And you caught me off guard with your beautiful smile. We should talk about Dougie.

Just send me your and when I can call and you will hear from me. Note: Because this is art.


I wanted so much to talk with you. This year was your first time hosting Thanksgiving for our family, and I wanted to give you a report as no one else in this clan of cowards has the guts to tell you. You are just perfect. Something very charming about you.

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The writing is beautiful, Leigh seems to be a very mature and thoughtful young woman — impossible to know her age by this small sample but guessing high school? You brought them here with a high speed chase. Editorialized titles can nissed removed.