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My grandma lets me fuck her

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My grandma lets me fuck her

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This is a print version fucm story I can't believe I fucked my grandmother by felixthecat2 from xHamster. It was the end of my high school junior year, I was barely 17 when summer arrived. I needed a summer job but the economy in my town stunk and I was having no luck. I was desperate. My folks were worried about me and we brainstormed one evening about places I could look for work.

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She left me her house and small bit of money.

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I then laid back and grabbed my throbbing cock and began to stroke it. I took her over to the couch and laid her down.

I tested things I saw out on girlfriends I had or hookers I paid for with money I stole from my mom. Grandma would send me gifts or money every Christmas and birthday the only gifts I got mind you.

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I guess you could say my grandma was old school mixed with new school. As my fingers rolled around her dripping wet pussy lips. My mom told me to call my grandma Madeline and stay with her till she got out. When it was over, we lay there fully embraced. I could hear the cops telling her that they were going to take me to jail because i was a minor and drunk but since they knew about my mom they felt some pitty for me.

I began to turn to return to my room when the wood flooring under my feet began to squeak.

I had my grandmas pussy juices running down my hand as I inserted my finger into her wet cavern. I began to kiss her inner thighs as i inched my way closer to her pussy. My grandma threw her head back, heaving her massive tits out. Well well, lets take a look at my big grand son. Her sphincter muscle resisted for a second or two and then opened up and my seven and a half inch cock sunk deep into her shitter.

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I was desperate. I got up to go to the bathroom and emptied my bladder and then went back to bed-just laying there on top of the bed with my eyes closed. Well on to the best sex over ever had. Loved watching her fuck those guys. I bought Rover as you know three years ago when he was a puppy so I could have a companion and a watch dog. She continued to stroke my cock in a slow long stroking motioning.

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Feeling my cock side in and out of her pussy feeling her lips grabbing the shaft of my throbbing cock. I could see my grandma looking me up and down as I approached and sat on the corner of the bed. I stoped stroking and stood there trying to make sense out of what i heard. Oh my god I could not get that sight out of my mind.

I heard my grand mother gasp. My mom died of a drug over dose two years later. Her 37D tits were still firm and the reason I new is I accidentally walked in on her when she had just stepped out of the shower.

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She was a solid 37C. About nine months ago I was exceptionally horny and had used a dildo to relieve myself.

We tried it all and loved it all. I will never forget that grandna Summer. Rover then turned around and I expected them to be tied but to my surprise he pulled right out of her.

Sucking grandja limp cock into her mouth. She began to moan as she slid my cock into her mouth. Before I could holler hello I stopped in my tracts.

I can't believe i fucked my grandmother

So my mom got arrested a few days after my birthday and she was going to be gone a while. After finishing my lemonade I stayed up and gdandma a little TV hoping to unwind.

She leaned forward kissing my lips, I opened hfr mouth letting our tongues meet and dancer as we kissed. She slid closer to me and out her had on my leg. I continued to suck on her tit as I slid my hand down to her very wet pussy. I could feel her large swollen clit and my tongue races up my down between her lips.

Her body began to tremble a familiar tremble.