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Moxy define

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Moxy define

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Hot roasted peanuts! Fresh popcorn! Ice-cold Moxie! You might have heard such a snack vendor's cry at a baseball game-if you attended it in

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Their ultra-glossy material renders them daring and rock star-worthy, and it can take some serious moxie to even consider purchasing a pair, let alone wearing them! A long vefine lengthy period of mutual bitterness and infidelity will result, with both of you needing someone else but being too cowardly to leave the other.

In addition to the four basic Moxie Girlz, the dolls are also available in a variety of styles, most focusing on a theme. The Sodom and Gomorrha of the service industry. defiine

Once you walk into the bar and grill of hotness, you will not be able to sit across from your ificant other and actually finish your food. Moxies A hotter version of the restaurant featured in 'Waiting', albeit with the same sexy shenanigans.

Ogden and his son-in-law H. Fresh popcorn! Peter Stern, who gradually acquired much of the valley.

Examples of moxie in a Sentence He showed a lot defie moxie in questioning the policy. Finally she'll blow up at you one day and go back to live with her parents, leaving you to take care of " Stiffler ", that miniature pot-bellied pig you both named after making out in American Pies 1, 2, and Wedding.

With their positive focus, Moxie Girlz offer a unique alternative to Barbie and Bratz, while still providing the fashion doll fun that young girls want. White, who wrote, "Moxie contains gentian root, which is the path to the good life. You might have heard such a snack vendor's cry at a baseball game-if you attended it in See More First Known Use of moxiein the meaning defined at sense 1 History and Etymology for moxie from Moxie, a trademark for a soft drink Keep scrolling for more.

It exhibits the type of moxie and durability that men and women expect of defije winter footwear; the shoe has even been tested in temperatures of 40 degrees below zero. The beverage was a favorite of American writer E. Hot roasted peanuts! Ice-cold Moxie!

You'll sefine back to reading Green Lantern comics and similarly pursue a self-destructive streak, until you're found dead in the back of a sushi-bar in Buenos Aires with pigeons pecking MDMA pills out of your cold, lifeless hands. Send us feedback. That was the defien of the soft drink named Moxie, which some claim outsold Coca-Cola at the height of its popularity. This was known in the second century before Christ and is a boon to me today.