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Mdlb kik

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Mdlb kik

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Search up dd. My names bunny and I'm looking for admins to help me run this .

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City: Poynette, Coulterville, Alphabet City, Arbuckle
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Must be part of cgl 2. Please answer questions before finishing your member request, mwah! My names bunny and I'm looking for admins to help me run this.

If you want more info just search the group up! The link is also in my bio ddlg ddlgcommuntiy ddlgkink ddlgsfw little littlespace cgl cglcommunity ddlb mdlg mdlb ddlggroup ddlgdiscord ddlgchat 4 3 1 year ago ddlg ddlb mdlg mdlb subs submissive doms dominant bdsm kink ddlgkikgroup mclb daddysprincess mommysprincess daddysprince mommysprince little littles littlespace daddy babygirl mommy babyboy ddlggroup ddlgkink 6 1 1 year ago our new ddlg mdlg mdlb group chat!

Mdlh you need to do to inspire me and melt my heart is be your sweet little self.

If you think you might want to be that inspiration and live a life like that together, just say hi. If that is right, then we can create our own unique relationship that is perfect and unique just for the two of us. When I set rules, I mdl them because I have taken the time to get to know my little and figure out not what I want from her, not to turn her into what I want, but who she wants to be and what she wants from herself.

I believe that in a good ddlg relationship, we feel at home with each other. You feel safe to be a little one, and express yourself in any way that feels right to you, and never melb to worry that I will judge you or be really angry at you.

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We're looking for more active members. My little is a special flower and I want to nurture her to grow freely to be whoever she is without any judgement from me. Dm me with your name, age, pronouns, role, reason you'll be a great admin and a fun fact about you!! I love watching cartoons or reading books together, going to the zoo or aquarium or having a picnic, playing in the water at the beach or the pool, flying kites, going for walks in the park, and anything else that my small one loves, but by far my favorite is when I can give kik little a special experience, doing something or going somewhere which she has never experienced before, and sharing the incredible joys wonders and beauty the world has to offer us together.

If you are interested, send me a message mddlb your details on tumblr strictdominantdaddie on Kik. The only true joy mdlb me is when my little one is happy. You know in the deepest place in your heart that anything I do is because I want you to be happy. Life is meant to be fun and exciting and full of adventures, and my little one is kjk inspiration to live a life like that.

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And minors 16 and up are welcomed! I am not jealous, controlling, possessive or demanding.

But when my work is finished, then all my attention is yours. Rules- 1.

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To all my legal Littles come my group on Facebook! To me, watching you bouncing and hopping around because you are so excited and happy is the meaning of life. Search up dd.