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Farago had been impressed by the work and asked Mackintosh to produce an English-language version of the show. Initially reluctant, Mackintosh eventually agreed. Mackintosh, in conjunction with the Royal Shakespeare Companyassembled a production team to adapt the French musical for a British audience. The success of the West End musical led to a Broadway production. At the opening of the London production, The Sunday Telegraph 's Francis King described the musical as "a lurid Victorian melodrama produced with Victorian lavishness" and Michael Ratcliffe of The Observer considered the show "a witless and synthetic entertainment", while literary scholars condemned the project for converting classic literature into a musical.

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Valjean thanks God for letting him live long enough to see Cosette again, and Marius thanks him for saving his life "Valjean's Death".

She revelead her bipolar diagnosis in an Instagram live video with Miley Cyrus. Farago had been impressed by the work and asked Mackintosh to produce an English-language version of the show.

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However, it turns out a man who looks like Valjean has been arrested, and is about to go to trial for breaking parole. In the wake of the failed revolution, women mourn the deaths of the students "Turning". The students settle down for the night and reminisce about the past while also expressing anxiety about the battle to come. Fantine is a single mother working in his factory, trying to support her daughter Cosettewho is being raised by an innkeeper and his wife while Fantine labours in the city.

Though Javert tells the students that the government will not attack that night "Javert's Arrival"Gavroche recognises him and quickly exposes him as a spy, and the students detain Javert "Little People". At Valjean's house, Cosette thinks about her chance meeting with Marius.

Fry was the center of the Emmy Award-winning documentary Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Escorg in which he shares his experience being diagnosed with cyclothymic disorder and interviews a of celebrities who are also diagnosed with bipolar-related disorders. Valjean confesses to Marius that he is an escaped convict and must go away because his presence endangers Cosette "Valjean's Confession"making Marius promise never to tell Cosette.

While Fritz is trying to wrap a drug case he has been working on for two years, Brenda investigates a shooting and robbery at an escort agency.

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Nine years later, inParis torotno in upheaval because of the impending death of General Lamarquethe only man in the government who shows mercy to the poor. Javert returns to the barricade, searching for Valjean amongst the bodies, and finds the open sewer grating. Down to earth and comfortable in my own skin with a positive outlook and sparkling personality. As Marius holds her, she assures him that she feels no pain and reveals her love for him before dying in his arms "A Esxort Fall of Rain".

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Javert refuses, insisting that a criminal like Valjean can never change for the better. He is captured by the police, but rather than turn him in, the Bishop lies and tells the police that the silver was a gift, giving Valjean a pair of silver candlesticks in addition.

Javert makes a vow to the stars — which represent his belief in a just and ordered universe where suffering is a punishment lleigh sin — that he will find Valjean and recapture him "Stars". Edit Storyline Work never stops for dedicated law enforcement officers as both Brenda and Fritz find themselves working the day before their wedding.

The army gives a final warning, but the rebels fight to the last man with Enjolras exhorting "Let others rise to take our place, until the Earth is free! In return, he asks Enjolras to allow him to be the one to execute the imprisoned Javert, which Enjolras grants. A few months later, Marius and Cosette marry "Wedding Chorale". It's the latest in a series of robberies at other agencies all perpetrated by the same masked intruder.

Leigh daniels

The scream alerts Valjean, who believes that the intruder was Javert. He confesses his identity to the court "Who Am I? Fantine reflects on her broken dreams and about Cosette's father, who abandoned them both " I Dreamed a Dream ".

At a convent, Valjean awaits his death, having nothing left to live for. Several recordings have also been made.

He tears up his yellow ticket, breaking his parole but giving himself a chance to start tkronto new life free from the stigma of his criminal past. Valjean, passing by the scene, pities Fantine, and when he realises she once worked for him and that she blames him for her misfortune, he is guilt-stricken.

Javert warns Valjean that he will not give up his pursuit and rejects what he perceives as a bargain for Valjean's freedom. Our Story.

List of people with bipolar disorder

Marius decides to stand with his friends, and all anticipate what the dawn will bring " One Day More ". Eescort mother Debbie Nelson-Mathers stated in her autobiography, My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem, that he struggled with bipolar disorder throughout his life and it worsened after his daughter Hailie was born.

Eight years later, inValjean has assumed a new identity as Monsieur Madeleine, a wealthy factory owner daniele mayor of Montreuil-sur-Mer. Leave everyday stresses behind, while sharing in the pleasure of enjoying ones company and getting lost in moments.

Grantaire gets angry and asks the students if they fear to tronto. As a convict, Valjean is shunned wherever he goes and cannot find regular work with decent wages or lodging, but the Bishop of Digne offers him food and shelter. Marius, wounded but alive, despairs at the death of his friends and sees that their sacrifice was for nothing "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables".

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He orders Javert to release her and takes her to a hospital "Fantine's Arrest". A fight breaks out, and the foreman and other workers use the incident as a pretence to fire Fantine "At the End of the Day". He is unable to reconcile and commits suicide by throwing himself into the Seine "Javert's Suicide". Cosette dreams of a life with a mother where she is not forced to work and is treated lovingly "Castle on a Cloud".

F Carrie Fisheractress and writer. Initially reluctant, Mackintosh eventually agreed.