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Humorous personality

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Humorous personality

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As can be expected, these are often disputed topics within the broader gamut of humor.

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Schueller humorous found that extraverted participants benefit more from a gratitude-intervention, as well as from a savoring-intervention. He sees playfulness as its basis and argues that humor is a variant of play, namely the play with ideas for personxlity overview see Uhmorous and Heintz, The table shows that the means are in the expected range. Journal of Research in Personality, 37, Dispositions toward ridicule and being laughed at, the sense of humor, and psychopathic personality traits.

Findings of Study 2 show that the sense of humor as conceptualized by McGhee,a had no moderating personalities on the effectiveness of five humor-based interventions.

Talking about the dark side of personalitt concepts begs the mention of morality and ethical beliefs [10]. For instance, affiliative humor, i. Overall, moderating effects for personality i. However, individuals seem to differ in the ways in which they use humor in their everyday lives, and different styles of humor seem to have different outcomes.

The statements were reduced to 29 with an alpha reliability of.

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Thus far, only few studies have directly examined the influence of individual difference variables in PPIs, and the findings are mixed. They are often persona,ity in their joke telling, frequently participate in witty banter, and enjoy laughing with others.

The analyses were conducted for a total score of changes i. Perhaps then, dark humor, dark personality, and dark creativity share underlying cognitive and behavioral mechanisms.

Original research article

Participants were randomly ased to one of the five humor-based PPIs short numorous are given in the introduction of the present article or the placebo control-condition i. Individuals who more frequently use self-defeating humor show increased depressive symptoms. The Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale Personality Radloff, peersonality in the German Adaption by Hautzinger and Bailer, consists of items with a four-point scale ranging from 0 Rarely or humorous of the time [Less than 1 day] to 3 Most or all of the time [5—7 days] and measures the frequency of depressive symptoms in the past week e.

Taking a closer look, the playful attitude- and sense of humor-subscales predicted changes in happiness and depression for up to 6 months. How does psychopathy relate to humor and laughter? We report two studies that are aimed at narrowing this gap in the literature by testing the impact of basic personality traits and sense of humor as defined by McGheea as moderators in humor-based PPIs.

One might speculate that presenting ideas on situations or experience that provide humorous incidents without other people being present might make this intervention equally effective for extraverts and introverts. Factor 1 combines humor production humor for social uses, Factor 2 combines coping humor and adaptive humor, Factor 3 evaluates humor appreciation, and Factor 4 evaluates the participants attitude personalith humor.

While personality for the effectiveness of PPIs is humorous growing, only little knowledge exists on whether and how certain personality traits moderate these effects. Individuals high in this dimension often use humor as a way to charm and amuse others, ease tension among others, and improve relationships.

Self-defeating humor[ edit ] Self-defeating humor is the style of humor characterized by the use of potentially detrimental humor towards the self in order to gain approval from others. The authors found the intervention to be effective in enhancing happiness for up to 3 months and ameliorating depressive symptoms up to 6 months after the intervention-week compared to a placebo control condition.

On average, these coefficients were larger for the 1-month follow-up than for the later follow-ups, but the trends were more or less comparable in all cases.

Darkness all around: humor, personality, and creativity

They are also more likely to exhibit higher levels of implicit self-esteem independently of their level of explicit self-esteem. It is also associated with lower levels of self-esteem, psychological well-being and intimacy. Participants received an automatically generated personalized feedback on their well-being scores over the course of 6 months at the end of the study.

Thus, the huorous findings warrant more investigations of potential moderators of humor-based PPIs, for example to examine their relative importance. As a result, two variables are measured within the questionnaire to cover multiple dimensions that humor contain.

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However, little is known about who benefits most from them. Another core topic of positive psychology is the development of so-called positive psychology interventions PPIs; i. Furthermore, as the sense of humor might be a trigger of positive emotions, we expect early changes in sense of humor and its sub-components to predict upward changes in happiness and amelioration of depression.

This hypothesis also receives support from correlational studies showing a positive relation between measures of humor and extraversion e.

Humor styles

Correlations with happiness and depressive symptoms were comparable with those reported by Proyer et al. One might argue that sense of humor is a highly persohality trait and, thus, people might also react differently if a person behaves more humorously after an intervention. Lefcourt in Figures 12 show the direction of the interaction-effects of extraversion for happiness and depressive symptoms.

Prejudices such as racism and sexism are considered perzonality be the aggressive style of humor.

We found moderating effects only for extraversion. Given that the elicitation of positive emotions is one of the proposed working mechanisms of PPIs Sin and Lyubomirsky,humor seems to be particularly well-suited for incorporation in PPIs.

Their mean age was Individuals who use affiliative humor tend to have higher levels of extraversion and openness to experience as personality characteristics.