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If time zones baffle you as much as us, we have a handy time zone converter.

Mike Gardi has a unique hobby: among other things, hacm builds faithful replicas of some of the nicer examples of these lost bits of computing history. And so early computer companies put a lot of effort into building training devices to get people up to speed. All his builds are lovingly created from 3D-prints and really capture the essence of the toys and tools of the time.

Building the first commercial computers in the late s and early s was certainly a complex a task, but building the computer industry was even harder. Super excited about this chat.

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Trying ahck take the next step and get something bigger going. What good is a tool if the only people who know how to use it art the ones who built it?

To make computers make money, companies needed legions of installers, operators, programmers, marketers, and salespeople, and all of them needed training. I'm an American who just quit my day job and moved to Shanghai currently.

Sure, engineers were already getting on board with deing in silicon and germanium instead of glass and tungsten, and all digital circuits cha really just abstractions of analog des most of them were already familiar with. Cheers and looking forward to the chat. But what about all the other people who would need to get up to speed on the workings of digital computers?

us as we take a trip inside this niche realm of retrocomputing and find out why Mike finds it fascinating enough to devote the time it obviously takes to build such exacting replicas. Nim and the paperclip computer.

These trainers helped teach everything from basic logic circuits and Boolean relationships to simple programming concepts, and each of them contributed in their own way to developing the computer industry that we know today. Definitely looking forward to doing more with Chinese suppliers and chxt chat is definitely what's up.

All small. Started several companies over the summers throughout high school and college, and a couple since then.