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Gorean slave position

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Gorean slave position

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I finally completed the first illustrated version of the positions as described below. It is the successor to the document below. It has been on my website for a few years but this is a slight update to it. As I looked around MyGorean I saw a of slaves in what were described as slave positions but they were not Gorean ones. While any position a slave is put in is a slave position, only the ones for which we have quotes from the books should be considered Gorean Slave Positions. I do list a few variations for some as a few are in the books and I added a few for completeness.

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Goorean was, as I understood it, in its variations, the most common mark on this world for one such as I. Upon reaching her objective she drops gracefully to her knees and typically s the position of Nadu.

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The most common marking site on such as she is high on the left thigh, under the hip. There are many ways of putting a girl at the ring "bound by the master's will. In a sense, the slave is helpless in such positions. The slave will maintain a position until gorezn to another position, allowed to move or given a command that requires them to change position.

Slave positions

This may be conveniently done, as earlier noted, when one is in bara. Whipping She first assumes the Nadu position, though with her arms crossed in front of her. In it, of course, she is positioned perfectly for a swift and secure binding. This position can be igniting to a female slave, being so positioned by a master. If you are instructed to put your hands behind you, then the dominant hand should be grasped at the wrist by the non-dominant hand.

At this point, with a clash of cymbals, both dancers remained immobile. In this posture she cannot suddenly run, or dart away. There are many ways, of course, of "binding by the master's will. It is one of the positions of brand display. In other situations the posture may be imposed upon her as a discipline, to position her for animal usage, to remind her that she is a slave, and so on.

I had, of course, been trained in these positions, which must be assumed instantly and unquestioningly upon the command of any free person. It is a common binding position. ggorean

Gorean slave positions

He seemed satisfied. The slave should pay attention to the handedness of the Master. As she moves her back is straight, her head is turned to the left, and her arms are at her sides, her palms facing outward at a degree angle to her body.

The bara position was, I suppose the first slave position in which I had been placed. She remains this way, as in all these cases, perhaps for hours, until she is freed "by the Master's will.

Gorean slave positions

There are several familiar versions of this. The dominant hand should always be restrained by the non-dominant hand.

Yet there was not a rope or a strap on her body. To The Top A slave is sometimes put to all fours, that she may move thusly, accompanying masters.

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She put her head in the air and placed her hands behind her back. The ring was about level with her neck.

Too, it added to the effect which her appearance must have on all males who saw her, her beauty, her collar and a slave ring. Instantly we turned about in the neck rope, with its three knotted double loops, and went to our stomachs, our he to the left, our wrists crossed behind us, and our ankles, as well. She lay on her stomach. In the situation described the posture was doubtless imposed as a security measure, on an unknown slave, mysteriously arrived from the darkness.

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I do list a few variations for some as a few are in the books and I added a few for completeness. This is the position a slave is in most of the postiion. There are many possibilities and things that can be done from even the simplest of positions They are deed with various purposes in mind; instantly placing oneself in positions in which one is helpless and vulnerable; positions of abject submission in sllave one's bondage is made clear to all; positions of display; positions facilitating appraisal, and such.

If she entertains any doubts on that score, the master will see to it that they are soon satisfied.

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Many times before had I received such compliments. All positions have a reason for existing.

She lies on her back, her hands at her sides, palms facing upward.